Today we are bringing you a video which shows you the latest advances in 3D Printing. In the video you will see a robot which has been created from a 3D Printer using both solids and liquids at the same time. This has been developed in the United States and they are claiming this is the first time both solids and liquids have been applied simultaneously to create a 3D object.

This method means that the robots can be created with liquid filled hydraulic bellows, so that the bellows can be moved up and down by pumping the liquid between them. Once a battery powered motor you are good to go with your 3D robot. Previously they had found that 3D Printers were not accurate enough to create pistons which had been a major drawback.

They claim that it only takes a few hours to print a small robot such as the one in the video, but larger ones can be created overnight so the speed you can create these with this new technology is incredible.

The great thing about these machines is that, besides the speed, you can adapt and modify so that you can create a different application the next day and so they are very flexible and adaptable, and this can help keep the costs down for any projects you take on.

It is a very exciting development in the printing world, check out the video here:



You certainly have to move fast to keep with all the latest technology and keep abreast of all the developments. At present we don`t have the equipment to produce 3D objects, that is for another day, but we have been investing heavily in new printing equipment and our own knowledge of new technologies which has always paid off for us before, being the forward looking company that we are. Hope you enjoyed the article, be back soon with more printing news.