Grace Davies X Factor

At Ronset we have known Grace Davies for some time, having created some promotional materials for her in the past, including the pictures you can see in this blog post, so we are absolutely delighted that she is now getting the recognition she so richly deserves through her success in the X Factor so far.

Grace Writes Her Own Songs

Grace is now through to the X factor Final which is this weekend, so we are all rooting for her to go all the way and win the competition. This years X Factor has focused more on acts that are creating their own material, rather than re-hashing other peoples work, and this has been in the favour of Grace Davies who has in the main been performing her own unique songs which have gone down a storm with both the general public and the judges.

Grace Davies

Grace is a fantastic and very talented girl, we did some printing for her when she was gigging in the local area, including business cards, posters, leaflets and backdrops for her gigs etc. She is certainly not an overnight sensation as she has been working hard for a number of years doing local gigs, sometimes performing in front of one man and his dog, so she certainly deserves the break she is getting right now.

You Can Take The Girl Out Of Blackburn—-

Grace is from our town of Blackburn and is helping to put the place on the map. We will certainly be getting behind her at the weekend and willing her to see off the other 2 acts in the X Factor Final. Blackburn is certainly full of talented people who don`t always get the attention they warrant, so it is great to see one of our own stepping out into the limelight and doing just that.

If you are at home this weekend why not tune in and vote for Grace in the X Factor Final, she deserves all of our support.

Grace Davies

Grace Davies