Sponsors Of Blackburn Youth Zone


Last week we were privileged to be invited to attend a get together of sponsors and supporters of Blackburn Youth Zone. The occasion was to both celebrate they have now been open for over 5 years and to thank all the sponsors that have supported them. We are very proud to have been sponsors of Blackburn Youth Zone for 3 years now as it is a great charity that is doing so much good for the local community in Blackburn and young people in particular.

They opened their doors for the first time in June 2012 and they have since grown into a thriving organisation that offer a safe, fun and exciting environment for young people to get involved a whole range of activities. It would be impossible to quantify how many young people they have helped and given a purpose in life to, helping them to become more confident and valuable members of the community. The figures are quite staggering, they have over 10,000 registered members and in the first 5 years they have had around 200,000 visits from young people.

Blackburn Youth Zone A Registered Charity

Blackburn Youth Zone Charity


Blackburn Youth Zone is a registered charity and so relies on funding from outside sources, which is why we got involved as a sponsor. They also work in partnership with the Council and various other bodies in order to give the best possible service to young people. They involve the youngsters in every part of the charity including the design of the building and the projects, activities and programmes on offer there.

Rt Hon Jack Straw Hosted

The Rt Hon Jack Straw hosted the event which was held at Blackburn Youth Zone in Jubilee St in Blackburn. We are very happy to be a sponsor of Blackburn Youth Zone and to continue supporting them moving forward into 2018. At Ronset we have a strong sense of community and always want the best for the people of Blackburn and Darwen, and this is one way that we can help out with this.

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