Street Graphics

It is the Found In Blackburn exhibition this weekend in Blackburn town centre and we were asked to print the street graphics for the event, one of which you can see above near to the old cinema building. These floor graphics are very visually appealing and I am sure will be well received by the public.

This exhibition is showcasing art from mainly local artists and very much honours the town`s history. All this has been organised by Sophie Skillern which has benefited from funding from the Heritage Lottery.

Street Graphics For Blackburn Town Centre

We were approached by an existing client working on behalf of Blackburn Museum who asked if we could produce outdoor floor graphics. After consulting our suppliers, we were recommended the best materials and ran them on our Latex 360 printer and then used specialist floor laminate to finish them.

We then arranged the fitting to suit the client and have had excellent feedback from them on the results. They do look incredible!!

Floor Graphics

A total of 12 artists have been involved in creating work for the exhibition which will culminate with a  final event spread at venues across the town centre of Blackburn on Saturday.

Seven large photos have been installed on the pavement around the town hall depicting old Blackburn  and what the town used to look like in decades gone by. A wall of photographs of the sites of the area  taken by local people are also going up outside The Mall.

I hope you have the chance to get down to Blackburn this weekend to check out the Found In Blackburn  exhibition, it will be really worth your while as it is a great way to celebrate the town and some of the  people who have contributed to the town.

These vinyl graphics positioned on the floor are very visually attractive and hold your attention. Would  your business benefit from having vinyl graphics advertising your products or services? For more  information give Ronset a call on 01254 297100.

Below is another photo of the vinyl graphics from the forthcoming Found In Blackburn  exhibition plus  a photo from the `Behind Closed Doors` exhibitions which ran in Thwaites Stables as part of Found In Blackburn. We printed the panels to the left of the photo – the two large black panels with white text and the curved panoramic photo that the group of people are looking at.

Vinyl Floor Graphics


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