Hello once more to the Ronset Digital Printers blog where today we are looking at how print marketing can increase e-commerce sales. Just because you have a business that is selling primarily online doesn`t mean that you can`t use print as a way of promoting and bringing in new customers and sales.

Print And E-Commerce Sales

I read a very good article on the Business 2 Community website the other day which was about this very subject, entitled: `10 Ways To Increase E-Commerce Sales With Print Marketing`. Print is anything but an obsolete marketing concept, in fact it is probably more effective than it has ever been for two reasons. One is that less companies are using print to drive their sales which means the market is less saturated and so more effective, and secondly the improvements in print technology mean the print materials that can be produced are far superior than say 10 years ago.

The article at Business 2 Community gives these 10 ways to increase sales with print:

  1. Advertise to locals
  2. Use postcards
  3. Don`t forget about flyers and brochures
  4. Product catalogues
  5. Everybody loves coupons
  6. Test, test, test—–until you find what works best
  7. Hire a professional graphic designer
  8. Send to existing customers
  9. Include a personalized message
  10. Use QR Codes

If you would like to read the full article about driving e-commerce sales through printing materials you can go to the website at the following link: Print Materials And E-Commerce Marketing

Printing Service In Blackburn

Print can and should play a huge part in any businesses marketing strategy, it is still one of the most instant mediums around and you can`t beat visual displays to get any sort of message across.

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