Today if you hadn`t already realised is International Print Day 2015, where all the printing industry comes together to celebrate all things print. It is the day to proudly proclaim your love of printing and to participate in 24 hours of open global knowledge sharing, mainly through the medium of social media, and this we have been doing for most of the day.

The hashtag #IPD15 has been being used in social media posts to connect all the posts related to print and International Print Day and the theme for this year has been #PrintNow

International Print Day

And there is much to celebrate in the printing industry, as technological advances have so improved our finished products that we can give our clients wonderful printed items for their businesses or organisations, whether it be a small flyer or a huge poster or banner. Those of us who have kept up with these technological advances, learnt new techniques and invested in new equipment and machinery have been able to forge ahead in our chosen field and give our clients the best possible service.

#PrintNow has been chosen as a theme as it is very much about how printing is at this stage in its development, the role that print and paper can play in marketing campaigns for clients, and to help put the word out there of the huge advantages to be accrued by marketers, designers and consumers if they use print to put any message they have across.

Our printing processes have changes beyond all recognition over the last 10 to 20 years here at Ronset, and our big investments in the latest technology is now reaping its reward. We can now create and print all types of products with a very fast turnaround time and give our clients high quality printed material at very affordable prices.

If you need any printing materials do give us a call for a no obligation quote, we would love to hear from you whether you are a new customer or one of our many loyal customers. And by the way we also print large oversized cheques for charities or businesses if they require one for a presentation. Enjoy the rest International Print Day!

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