Welcome to the Ronset blog and we have news today that we have invested further in new equipment so as to improve our services to our clients. The newest machine on the block is the EasyCoat SRA1 Gluing System.

Creating High Quality Business Cards

High Quality Business Cards

We have got this machine, which you can see in the picture, in the main so that we can now create thick, high quality business cards, but there are other things that the machine will come in handy for.

Book Covers & Party Invites

As well as luxury, high quality business cards we will be able to produce thick book covers, personalised photobooks, wedding stationery and party and event invites. This is a very versatile machine that we are delighted to have got in our printing armoury.

The Technical Information

What the Easycoat SRA1 machine does is add a layer of adhesive to any media, you can then add one piece of media on top of the other to create an ultra thick finish. This thick substrate is ideal for products such as book covers, quality invitation cards and business cards.

The machine comes with a unique carrier tray and this helps to keep the substrates in place. This then goes through the `Easymount` and this fixes the various pieces of media into place using the systems mounting capabilities. There is no hand rolling required, it is a very simple machine to use and works out as a very cost effective process. The finish is even better than we expected so we are more than delighted with this new acquisition.

So if you would like some high quality business cards, book covers or party invites etc it is certainly worth getting in touch with us. Call us on 01254 297100 for more information.

Improving Our Digital Printing Services

We will continue to purchase the best equipment on the market to improve our digital printing services and to stay ahead of all the competition