Late last year we were delighted to upgrade our printing presses to the very latest technology. We invested heavily in two of Konica Minoltas latest high production Accurio C6100’s machines.

Increasing Production & Reducing Downtime

New Printing PressesThis new technology has a built in Intelligent Quality Care Unit – IQ-501 which allows us to increase production, reduce downtime and maintain colour consistency with fewer service calls and reduced waste. A winner all round!

Added to this we can now offer A4 landscape brochures, 6pp A4 and banner sheets, previously products which weren’t available to the digital print sector. The heaviest stock weight we can print on has also now been increased to an impressive 400gm.

New Booklet Maker

With the new Konica Minolta booklet maker we can also produce brochures nearly three times faster than the old machine did. It also allows us to saddle stitch Landscape A4 brochures, something we couldn’t offer previously. The square fold spine allows the brochure to sit flat when finished and gives the brochure a professional feel, all adding to the quality we provide.

High Service Levels & Enhanced Quality

Here at Ronset we are continuously looking to the future to see what is coming through technology wise, we feel it is important to offer the highest service levels coupled with the highest quality. These new presses certainly go a long way in helping us to do just that. With these purchases in the very latest printing technology we can provide more services at a faster speed with enhanced quality, which is great news for us and even better news for our customers!

So if you require books, brochures or banner sheets of any kind please get in touch with our offices here in Blackburn, Lancashire. You can either give us a call on 01254 27100 or fill in the form on the website on our Get A Quote page.