Despite the uncertainty that the decision to leave the European Union has brought to businesses and the UK as a whole, there are many analysts and business figures that see cause for optimism, and that includes the print industry.

The biggest issue for everyone at present is the not knowing what will happen next. The government certainly were not expecting the outcome of the EU referendum and have been rather taken by surprise with very few contingency plans in place, and the financial markets are never happy when there is any sniff of uncertainty in the air and react accordingly.

Talking on this subject, Peter Gunning who is Chief Executive of web-to-print PLC Grafenia said: “If there’s one thing markets hate, it’s uncertainty. Now we face two years of uncertainty while the country figures out how to disentangle itself from the EU. Will businesses be inclined to delay spending decisions until they know more? I hope not. But looks like we are all in for a bumpy ride.”

But it is hoped once plans are put in place and people and businesses are clearer about the next steps forward things will settle down and we will get back to something approaching normality. And if you are exporting then it may just give your business a boost, as Andy Cook, managing director of UK-based digital imaging technology manufacturer FFEI, says that despite the current uncertainty and the feeling that the country’s leaders had “all run for the hills” the result was a boost to business. “Most of our business is export to North America and Asia, so it is highly beneficial at the moment because our product pricing is a lot more competitive with the weakening of the pound.”

Heidelberg UK managing director Gerard Heanue also sees cause for optimism, saying that the weaker pound may make it more beneficial for businesses to get their print done in the UK, and regarding mergers and acquisitions in the print industry Richmond Capital Partners CE Paul Hollohan said:

“Mergers and acquisitions activity will continue apace,” he says. “The buyers are there, the sellers are there and so is the finance.
“Forward thinking print bosses have already prepared for this situation and considered their options with mergers and acquisitions, amongst their thoughts, to fill opportunity gaps which they foresee as offering a stronger future both in the UK and further afield.
“Brexit is not doom and gloom unless we let it be. I think it’s a great opportunity for UK print to thrive. Drupa was very positive and I don’t see Brexit changing this optimism. Let’s all make sure Brexit works for the print industry.”

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