Hello and welcome to another blog post from Ronset Digital Printers and today we thought we would share with you some more photos we took of the street graphics we printed for the Found In Blackburn exhibition which is running from March 11th for a couple of weeks or so.

Found In Blackburn Vinyl Graphics

These street graphics were dotted around on the streets of the town centre and they were created to celebrate the towns history and some of its major movers and shakers. Blackburn has a rich and proud history and we were delighted when we were asked to get involved and produce these graphics.

The graphics were made out of vinyl, a tough and durable material which was ideal for producing art that was to be placed in the street. These will only be down for a short length of time so if you are interested in checking them out then I would get down to the town centre as soon as you can to see them. I think they are going to stay down until around the 17th April all being well. We created 7 of the street graphics so see if you can find them all!

Found In Blackburn is funded by the Heritage Lottery and is a way of exploring Blackburn`s interesting and varied history and looks to create ideas for the future of the town through a series of commissioned artworks. It is a very worthwhile project and we are pleased to have played some small part in the exhibition.

Latex 360 Printer

These graphics were printed on our Latex 360 printer we used a specialist floor laminate to give them a really nice finish. We are very pleased with the results and they have been getting a very good reaction from the public which is very pleasing. Here are a few pictures of some of the graphics below:

Printed Graphics

Blackburn Printing

Printed Graphics

Printing Graphics

Street Vinyl Graphics

Printed Vinyl Graphics

Floor Graphics Found In Blackburn