Adidas Spezial ExhibitionWe were brought in at the last hour but we were absolutely delighted to help out Darwen born Adidas designer Gary Aspden with all the panels for the Adidas exhibition in Blackburn, along with other promotional materials that were required. Here is how it all unfolded:

The Exhibition Ready To Go But No Printer

It all started with a phone call from another Gary on the Tuesday, two days prior to the exhibition opening. It transpired that the original printers couldn’t hit the deadline, our Commercial Director Chris Durham and Ronset Printers had been recommended as the people to help where print was involved was the initial statement from Gary.

Adidas SpezialChris of course said we could help and asked what what would be involved? Gary replied with a list of printed material he needed before the event opened on the Thursday. I asked when the artwork would be supplied, it was on its way was the reply.

Pressure As We Had To Hit The Deadline

Wednesday arrives, no artwork…makes phone call and the reply was “It is being proof read as we speak and will start to come through later that day”

The exhibition was due to start on Thursday evening with dignitaries, pop stars, sportsmen all arriving from 6.30pm. No pressure!

Thursday morning arrives and Chris checks his email to see if the artwork had arrived overnight, nothing! Another phone call and “Yes it is coming through in the next hour”

Foamex Advertising Panels

Foamex PanelsSo, here we are on the morning of the event and we haven’t printed a thing. The work was advertising panels for 10 – Adidas Spezial 8ft x 4ft panels, 6 – Content panels 8ft x 4ft, various descriptive panels and much more, all to print in less than 8 hours. It`s a good job we love our work!!

We spent the rest of the day printing foamex panels, driving backwards and forwards to the event with the print and the guys there were putting the panels up as we arrived. The place was buzzing and there was definitely a good vibe about the place. Chris went down with the last of the print at 6.15pm, these were name cards for the 1200 pairs of Adidas trainers, a gang of people arrived to take them off my hands and place them on the trainers. We’d done it!!!

A Very Worthwhile Cause

There was a sense of pride and achievement without a doubt to actually get the work done for an iconic brand and such a worthwhile cause, and we were only too pleased to take up the mantle once the original printers had withdrawn from the job.

If you can get down to the exhibition we would urge you to do so as it is fantastic, but if you already have I hope you took a good look at all the advertising panels around the place! And don`t forget for all your printing materials the ONLY place to call is Ronset Printers. Give our offices a call on 01254 297100.