Extinction Rebellion Hourglass NewspaperThe enduring popularity and benefits of using print have very much been on show these past few months as the activist group Extinction Rebellion have used the medium to great effect. For those who have been living under a stone Extinction Rebellion are a non-violent activist group demanding that governments around the world act quickly and decisively to counter climate change. 

Extinction Rebellion Have A Powerful Logo Image

They have used the medium of print in a variety of ways to get their message across. One of their main strategies has been to give out guides and other materials to the public in a bid to influence them and win them over to their cause. They have also created a very powerful logo and brand which you see regularly in the media whenever Extinction Rebellion are mentioned. Their logo shows an hourglass which symbolises the fact that time is running out fast if the world is to be saved from global catastrophe. 

People who want to join the cause can go to the Extinction Rebellion website and use templates there to print banners and use the logo on clothing etc. 

The Hourglass Newspaper

Extinction Rebellion also print their own newspaper, The Hourglass (on recycled paper of course!). They use the newspaper to help keep the climate change crisis at the forefront of peoples thoughts. Chris Ledward, who works on designing the Hourglass, is quoted as saying in Print Monthly that:

“I came on board for the chance to help convey a visual message, to form an emotional plea to open our eyes. Image and design is a strong visual message that can be seen and heard, combine that with heartfelt words and you have a way to break through.

“A newspaper is a way to take things back to black and white, it’s worked for centuries, before technology became so advanced. It’s a way to shout when everything else has become noise. If we all shout loud enough, hopefully someone will listen, and if someone will listen, then hopefully we will take action.”

Use The Power Of Print With The Help Of Ronset

The power of print is not lost on these young activists, so whether you are a rebel with a cause or not why not use printing materials to get your own message across? For all your printing requirements get in touch with us here at Ronset by giving us a call on 01254 297100.