We have increased print production with our latest acquisitions.

After a substantial investment in an automatic booklet maker back in June Ronset have made a further purchase of two Konica Minolta digital presses.

These will run alongside an existing KM machine giving us not only the latest technology but far greater capacity which will aid our already fast turnaround times. These two new Konica Minolta printers will provide the business the opportunity to take on even more high volume work and give us a high level of performance and quality. So we can now not only provide print of the highest quality but can provide our clients a faster more cost effective product.

We have purchased the flagship models of Konica Minolta which will help to provide us with high image quality and stability, and these printers can be configured to give us a huge range of printing options for our customers.

These machines will also aid us in the post processing period for booklet making, binding, hole punching, folding, stapling and much more.

We can also produce small lot orders with these printers, and variable data printing jobs that need to be done to a tight deadline will be done quickly and with more efficiency.

This new equipment will keep Ronset at the forefront of the printing industry and help us to give even more quality and value for money to our clients. Here is a picture of our new printing machines:

Printing Presses