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Hello and welcome to another blog post here at Ronset Digital Printers in Blackburn, Lancashire, where today we will be sharing some of the latest printing industry news with you.

Christmas Printing Materials

But first let us assure you that we will be working right up to the Christmas break, so if you still require some printing materials for  before the festive period or maybe for early in the New Year there is still time to order from us! So please get in touch as soon as you can and we will be happy to give you a quote and provide whatever printing materials you require.

Paper Prices On The Increase

In the latest printing industry news it looks as if paper prices are going to be rising in the next few weeks by up to 10%. Most of the big players in the paper industry have been sending out letters to the paper merchants informing them of an increase of anything between 5% and 10%. The increase can largely be put down to the economic situation and of course the Brexit vote. Fedrigoni UK, who provide everything from art paper and stationery to paper security systems and banknotes, and who are putting their paper prices up from between 5% to 8%, said that:

“Since the end of June the fluctuation in the major currencies has continued and the current exchange rate between the pound and the euro has reached a new low. Unfortunately, this drives the need for an increase to reach a sustainable ongoing price position for our products.”

You can read more on this particular subject at the Print Week website at the following link: Paper Price Increase

Edge Printing Technology Released

An exciting development in the print world is the release by HP of edge printing technology. The feature is part of the Smartstream Designer software plugin for Adobe InDesign Version 11. This great new tool allows printers to create images on the page edges of books and also across multiple spines.

You can create a wide range of different effects with the edge printing, create personalised designs, and have different images viewed depending on the angle of the book at any particular time. You can use it on DVD`s and packages as well. HP Indigo R&D manager Amir Gaash says:

“This is a tool we ordinarily use for creating variable data and this is a new application for it. Usually it can only be done by using a second printing process where the layers of ink are very thin. It is very difficult and time consuming to do and involves a great number of steps.

“The new feature allows users to select an image, using one simple interface, and divide into tiny slices, according to the number of pages in the book, and print that consecutively onto the bleed area of each page.

“This has such huge possibilities in terms of application, not just books. It could be used to print on the side of blocks of show tickets for example, which could also be a security feature.”

You can read more on edge printing technology by going to the Print Week article at this link: Edge Printing

That is all for today, hope you enjoyed the article and we will be back very soon with more news on the printing industry and Ronset Printers. For more information on what we have to offer, and to ask for a quote, give our offices a ring on 01254 297100.

Printing Industry News