Here is the latest printing news from around the globe on April 15th 2016

3D Printing News

3D Printing is of course the hot new topic in the printing world at present as the industry is finding a million and one uses for it. The latest is the fashion world where there are big moves afoot. There is going to be a Spring exhibition in May when a number of 3D Printed clothes are going to be on display. With 3D techniques it will be possible to create infinitely complex dresses and coats etc, and although these creations are nowhere near being on the high street yet there is no doubt it is only a matter of time.

As Andrew Bolton, who is the Manus x Machina`s exhibition curator, says, 3D Printing in relation to fashion “Can be as revolutionary as the sewing machine, it means you can 3D print your dress to your exact measurements at home. Because it has the ability to mould exactly to your measurements, it’s environmentally friendly, too. There’s no waste, whereas there’s always waste with textiles.”

Exciting times I am sure you will agree. What we know as high fashion couture clothes are items made specifically for a person which fit the body perfectly, and of course this comes at a significant expense. But with 3D Printing we will be able to bring these clothes to anyone who has a printer and they will be affordable to the masses.

At present 3D Printed material is still in its early stages and it`s stiff so is being used more for accessories than clothes, but we are not too far off a time when it will be a huge part of the fashion industry.

3D Fashion

You can read more on the story above at the Bloomberg website at the following link: 3D Printing The Future Of Fashion

The Latest Zmorph New Printer

Zmorph is launching their new 3D Printer called the Zmorph 2.0 SX Multitool, which brings together 3D Printing, CNC Milling and Laser Engraving all in one superb package.

Here comes the technical specifications as given on the TCT Magazine website:

“Aimed at both industry professionals and makers, this desktop machine includes a new reliable Closed Loop System which controls the exact position of the motors and the extruder head and recalculates every missed step that can occur during heavy-duty usage.

Equipped with a colour LCD touchscreen and free Voxelizer software, the machine is designed for accessibility and ease of control over the manufacturing process.

The actual construction of the new ZMorph 2.0 SX Multitool 3D Printer has also had a makeover which means all structural components are made from precisely machined and cut metal parts, with plastic parts now used only for non-critical items.

The work area is now fully enclosed, for safety, cleanliness and to provide a stable printing temperature environment whilst a new filament guide system can be attached to filament spool holders mounted on each side cover.”

These machines start at around $2690 which equates to around £1,900.

Zmorph Printers

Read more about this printer at the TCT Magazine website at this link: Zmorph 3D Printer