Welcome once more to our blog here at Ronset Printers. Today we would like to look at the fact that, despite dire warnings of the end of print as we know it as the digital age kicked into gear, the printing industry is in fact in very rude health indeed.

The BPIF has just brought out a publication which lays out the latest industry statistics, compiled through the help of the Office for National Statistics etc, and it shows that the UK is still the 5th largest producer of printed products in the world, only behind the US, China, Japan and Germany.
Printing Industry Statistics

Printing Industry Statistics

 The latest printing industry statistics show that the sector had a turnover of £13.8 billion in 2016, up from £13.5 billion in 2015. The print industry consisted of 116,000 employees working across 8,400 companies in 2016. The 2015 publication recorded 122,000 employees working across 8,600 companies in 2014. The industry also made a per annum capital investment of £700m and recorded a gross added value of £5.8bn in 2016.
 And the latest productivity statistics from the ONS show that the industry’s productivity is significantly greater than that of the average for the whole economy.
 BPIF research manager Kyle Jardine, speaking to Print Week, said the latest stats were very encouraging. He said:
 “–the industry turnover is holding up – print is still important, there is still a lot of printing being done, and it’s a considerable and important industry.”
 “There has been industry consolidation but start-ups have been happening, more so in the digital and wide-format space than in traditional litho printing. Out of those 8,400 companies, nearly 900 are less than two years old,”
“We’re a manufacturing industry that takes raw materials and converts them into something that’s worth considerably more value,”“The industry has also continued to invest and, though it’s continuing to consolidate, companies have been making more efficient use of the employment that’s left, which is no doubt seen as positive productivity.”

Ronset Active In The Wide Format & Digital Print Market

We as a business have been very active in both digital and wide format print and the investment we continue to put into our machinery and staff is paying dividends. We believe that the future is looking rosy for both Ronset and the print industry as a whole.

As ever a reminder that if you require any print materials, be they either wide format print or digital, please get in touch for a quote in the first instance by either filling in the form on the Get A Quote page on the website or ringing us on 01254 297100.

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