Engaging The Senses With Print

Our Commercial Director Chris Durham wrote an excellent article a few days ago which was published in Lancashire Business View about “Engaging The Senses” with print, and in particular direct mail.

A Visual Medium That Commands Interest

Just to share some snippets from the article, Chris mentions that print is:

“a visual medium with the ability to use powerful combinations of colours, images and text to convey messages. There`s also touch: people value being able to hold something in their hands. Paper choices (stock, finish, size, weight) can all help reinforce your message.”

“And not to forget smell, who isn`t inspired by the smell of an old book, a new magazine, something hot off the press?”

“because it takes more time to write a letter than send an email, because it costs a little more to print a newsletter than post a blog, because postage stamps aren`t free and neither is paper or ink, it commands more interest from your audience.”

“Direct mail consistently outperforms email in open rates, response rates and how long it lasts in the memory, because it engages the sense, communicating on a more human level.”

A Captive Audience

Some very good points I am sure you will agree with Chris here. This doesn`t just go for direct mail either. Today here in Lancashire is a particularly snowy and icy day and so traffic is moving very slowly across the county, if at all. Which means people are stuck in their cars looking around at their surroundings.

So what if you had a large banner or poster situated in a convenient location where all of the people in cars could check out as they idle in their cars and vans and lorries? This can be a very powerful way to get your company brand across, or just promote a product or a service that your business provides.

The moral of this story is don`t forget how print can engage the senses better than any other medium and use it to your advantage. For details on our printing services give us a call on 01254 297100 or fill in the form for a quote at https://www.ronset.co.uk/get-a-quote/

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