Print Is Environmentally FriendlyDespite the propaganda put out by some local councils, as revealed in a survey by Two Sides, paper is a renewable product, and businesses and organisations should not be discouraged in using the printed form in any way.

Councils Have Been Doing Print A Disservice

In an article in Print Week by Rhys Handley recently he wrote that “Local councils, generally pillars of guidance in communities, have been doing print a disservice. Analysing a random sample of 100 UK councils, print and paper advocacy group Two Sides found that 42% used messaging that claimed printed matter and paper was unsustainable or harmful to forests. This harmful “greenwashing” discourages office printing, moves people away from mail communication and leads to falls in print volumes.”

And Two Sides managing director Jonathan Tame said that these messages from the councils “explicitly contradict with almost all of Defra’s guidelines on making environmental claims and endanger tens of thousands of jobs in an industry that is a significant contributor to the UK economy”.

The Public Is Being Misinformed Over Print

Paper Is A RenewableThe article also quoted Chris Goslar who is the managing director of eco-advocating print operation Conservatree in Reading, saying:

“There is so much negative campaigning where people want to save money and use environmental impact as an excuse,”

“Paper is renewable and still one of the best ways to communicate. The public is being misinformed and we want to help Two Sides pioneer the message that it is simply not the case. We have had suppliers switch to electronic invoicing and it just makes things more difficult with passwords, downloads and things getting lost in cyberspace.

“From a client point of view, people who are not aware of the process behind paper manufacturing and recycling will choose to reduce run lengths as they have been misinformed that storing something on a disc is greener that printing.”

An Environmentally Friendly Printer

So there we have it, print should not be tainted with being harmful to the environment and in fact is often the most eco-friendly option available. At Ronset Printers we make a great effort to be as green as we can be, using the most up to date environmentally friendly printers and recycling as much of our waste as we possibly can.

So if you want any printing materials now or in the future please get in touch with our offices here in Blackburn, Lancashire by giving us a call on 01254 297100.