What Is NCR Printing?

What Is NCR Printing?

Many businesses agree that within their operations, efficiency and precision are a top priority. Finding time saving solutions, and ways of avoiding errors are written into the job descriptions of hundreds, with businesses investing thousands of pounds into technology and software to help with this too. NCR printing, or No Carbon Required printing, stands out as a revolutionary solution that in recent years has helped transform the way many businesses handle documentation and transactions. In this article, we help explain what NCR printing is, how it works, and who stands to benefit the most from this innovative technology.

What is NCR Printing?

NCR printing is a modern method of creating multiple copies of a document without the need for carbon paper. The acronym NCR stands for No Carbon Required, and the technology relies on specially treated paper that reacts to pressure, allowing for the transfer of written or printed information to subsequent sheets without the use of carbon sheets.

How Does NCR Printing Work?

NCR printing utilises a set of sheets, each coated with micro-encapsulated dye and a reactive clay. When pressure is applied, such as through writing or printing, the microcapsules break and release the dye, creating a duplicate copy on the adjacent sheet. This process continues through multiple layers, allowing for the creation of multiple copies without the mess and inconvenience associated with traditional carbon paper.

Are there Different Types of NCR Printing Available?

NCR printing offers several types and variations to cater to diverse business needs. The choice of NCR printing type depends on factors such as the number of copies required, the complexity of the document, and specific business applications. A simple search will show you that the most common format for this solution comes in NCR Sets, NCR Books, and NCR Pads. However, here are some other particularities to look for with NCR printing.

Simplex NCR Printing

Simplex NCR printing involves creating copies on one side of the NCR paper only. This is suitable for documents that require duplication but do not necessitate information on both sides.

Duplex NCR Printing

Duplex NCR printing allows for the creation of copies on both sides of the NCR paper. This is useful for documents that require additional information or terms and conditions on the back side of the original document.

Sequential NCR Printing

Sequential NCR printing involves numbering each set of copies in a sequential order. This is beneficial for documents such as invoices, purchase orders, or receipts, where tracking and referencing specific copies is important.

Customised NCR Printing

Customised NCR printing caters to businesses with unique requirements. This may include the incorporation of company logos, specific colours, or pre-printed information to further customise the document.

Multi-Part NCR Printing

Multi-part NCR printing is ideal for applications requiring more than two copies of a document. The NCR paper is available in sets of two, three, four, or more sheets, each with its own coating for copy creation.

Edge Glued NCR Printing

In edge-glued NCR printing, the sheets are glued along one edge, creating a secure and organised set of copies. This is common in applications where maintaining the sequence of copies is crucial.

Fan-Apart NCR Printing

Fan-apart NCR printing involves sets of NCR sheets that are glued together and then fanned apart, creating a convenient set of individual copies. This type is commonly used for applications like receipt books.

Continuous NCR Printing

Continuous NCR printing is suitable for large-volume requirements where documents are produced in a continuous roll form. This type is commonly used in dot matrix or impact printers for high-speed and bulk printing.

Digital NCR Printing

With advancements in printing technology, digital NCR printing has become popular. This method allows for on-demand and variable data printing, making it suitable for short runs and personalised documents.

Custom NCR Form Printing

Custom form printing involves designing NCR forms based on specific business needs, incorporating fields, checkboxes, and other elements tailored to the document’s purpose.

Who Benefits from NCR Printing?


  • Businesses with High Transaction Volumes


NCR printing is a game-changer for businesses that deal with a high volume of transactions, such as receipts, invoices, and order forms.


  • Retailers and Service Providers


Retailers and service providers, especially those in the hospitality and healthcare industries, benefit from NCR printing for creating duplicate receipts, invoices, and service forms.


  • Field Service Professionals


For professionals who work in the field, such as technicians, delivery personnel, or contractors, NCR printing is a practical solution. It enables them to create on-the-spot copies of work orders, service reports, and receipts.


  • Streamlining Internal Processes


Companies with internal processes that involve multiple departments or require duplicate documentation find NCR printing invaluable.


  • Small Businesses and Startups


NCR printing offers a cost-effective solution for small businesses and startups that may not have the resources for sophisticated document management systems.

Ronset – NCR Printing in Blackburn

At Ronset, we know only too well how much NCR printing has emerged as a versatile and efficient solution for businesses seeking a streamlined and eco-friendly approach to documentation. We are helping our customers adopt this innovative solution so that they are better positioned to thrive in a fast-paced and competitive marketplace. And we could help you too! Get in touch for a friendly chat about what solutions we can offer you.