Making Print Marketing FunAs we get older it can be tempting to think that we have seen it all before and we end up getting a little jaded with life if truth be told. We become hostile to change and think that nothing you try or do will make any difference. But fortunately we are wrong!!

Creativity & Thinking Outside The Box

If it wasn`t for people and companies being creative, thinking outside the box and having the most vivid of imaginations then we would still be sat in the dark, club in hand, hoping our loin cloth will keep us warm this coming winter. The human race has shown incredible invention to give us all electricity, penicillin, the steam engine, the telephone, cars, planes, the television, the internet and yes the printing press!!

Creativity will always drive change in our lives, for both good and bad at times, and if you own a business it is vital that you keep up to speed with all the changes that relate to your particular business niche.

As regards printing there is always something new, with 3D printing being very much at the forefront and bringing with it incredible methods on how to build all manner of items. And if you want to get creative with your promotional printing materials here are 3 fantastic ideas, courtesy of the website The Print Connection  

  1. Choose unique paper.

    Using unique paper is an easy way to make your materials stand out. Paper doesn’t have to be boring, so why not get creative? From seed paper to waterproof paper to linen paper that feels just like fabric, new technology is constantly transforming paper and bringing about new options for unique marketing materials.

  2. Incorporate texture.

    Our sense of touch has a strong impact on how we experience the world, and using print marketing techniques that engage your customers’ sense of touch impacts how the experience your business. You can add texture to your materials by using textured paper or textured printing technologies. Give your marketing materials a nice feel, and your customers won’t want to put them down.

  3. Add interactive elements.

    Making your print marketing materials interactive adds a touch of fun and ensures that your print piece stays in your customers’ hands. Pop-up features, QR codes and even augmented reality technology can turn your boring materials into something truly unique.

Print MarketingThe possibilities are rich and varied when it comes to print, which is still without doubt one of THE best ways to engage with customers and potential customers, and used hand in hand with digital marketing it can be a very powerful combination.

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