Why Leaflets Are Still A Great Way To Promote Business

Why Leaflets Are Still A Great Way To Promote Business

To some, printed leaflets and flyers may seem to be an outmoded form of advertising for a business – but market figures show leaflet printing to still be a very effective form of marketing with proven cost-effective results, making it an ideal and affordable advertising option for many businesses! Here are some reasons for your business to consider taking advantage of leaflet printing to generate new business and reinforce your brand:  

Targeted Marketing

A properly researched and organised leaflet marketing campaign can get straight to your identified target audience – it is more effective than persistent telephone calls or repetitive adverts on radio which, frankly, can become quite annoying! Printed leaflets usually arrive with a person’s daily mail so are automatically noticed – including a bold ‘offer’ that will benefit the receiver (perhaps a money-saving coupon or free service) will grab the attention and encourage people to read the leaflet in full. Having arrived with personal or other business mail, it will appear to be personalised and therefore feel attractive to the reader. The main thing to remember in your leaflet printing is to ensure that you include all your important contact details – telephone numbers and address, website URL, and any social media platform addresses used by your business.  

Tangible Advertising

Printed leaflets are solid and tangible advertising tools – unlike an email that appears on screen and then quickly becomes removed and therefore easily forgotten, a printed leaflet will always offer a physical reminder of your business and can be referred to at any stage – a physical document on a desk will be a constant reminder of your business and brand to anyone seeing it.    

Customer Engagement

Including a request for some form of feedback from your leaflet will force an engagement with your business and the leaflet’s content – perhaps ask for a phone call or include a tear-off response form or card. Any ‘call to action’ will encourage the receiver to actively interact with your business and will open active engagement between yourselves.   

Common Misconceptions

Leaflet printing has long been a cost-effective form of marketing for businesses – and continues to be effective even in this digital age of advertising. Some people may think that leaflet marketing is a bit outdated, but research shows that 80% of people still read – and react to – printed advertisements and retain them for future reference.  Further statistics show that a large percentage of people prefer leaflet delivery to internet advertising or television marketing – and retail figures following leaflet advertising campaigns are shown to be positive with a greater return on investment than any digital advertising platform. 

Market Durability

The low cost of leaflet printing allows smaller businesses with perhaps limited advertising budgets, to run cost-effective and affordable marketing campaigns. Leaflet delivery is easy to administer and can be organised and achieved in short time frames – and is proven to be effective in generating new business leads. The content of your printed flyer allows you to be as creative as you want with images and wording, so it is easy to be unique in your marketing – it is an accepted and traditional form of marketing which makes it appealing in its simplicity. 

If your business is considering a printed leaflet marketing campaign then speak to an established print company who can help and advise you in potential content, effective layout, and the print itself. Ronset Limited are a well-respected commercial print company offering leaflet printing in Blackburn and the surrounding areas – indeed they provide much of the marketing materials and business stationery printing in Lancashire for a plethora of different businesses.