Business Card Production

Business Card Production Still High

We came across a very interesting statistic the other day and that was that on average over 27 million business cards are produced worldwide each and every day. Now you may have imagined, as digital marketing has continued growing, that the traditional business card may have fallen out of favour, but it seems there is certainly plenty of mileage in them still.

And here are two more interesting statistics. Research has found that for every 2,000 business cards distributed by the average company, their sales will increase by around 2.5%. This research shows that business cards are a very effective promotional tool for companies and they are well worth persevering with.

Industry Niches That Traditionally Use Business Cards

There are certain industries that tend to use business cards more than others, which isn`t to say that they don`t work for every business sector but these are more inclined to use them than other niches. These include the insurance industry, the property game, finance, sales and accounting along with the legal and medical sector.

All of the above still use networking and the personal touch as a prominent part of their overall marketing and so business cards are a great tool for them to use. Business cards will be very difficult to replace in the medium term, they provide a visual, physical presence for a business, a card which can provide all their relevant details on. These would normally include a name, physical address, email address, website address and social media account details along with their logo. They can also be used to help promote the business brand.

Ronset Produce A Wide Variety Of Business Cards

We still supply many business cards on a weekly basis, and we can provide all types of business cards, from budget ones to extra thick luxury cards, for which we have a special machine to create them. For a quote please give our offices a call on 01254 297100 and we will be happy to provide you with one.

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