Below is a short video of us printing a mesh banner. We have had clients who have had issues with banners created by other businesses tearing in even moderate winds and basically looking a mess when this has happened.

We advised them to use our non-tear product, or alternatively our mesh material which is perforated to let the wind through without losing any of the detail.

Mesh Banners Have A Long Shelf Life

These mesh banners have a long shelf life and pay for themselves many times over time. If you go for the cheaper option you will probably find that they rip and tear at the first sight of a gust of wind and they also get soggy and limp very quickly in the rain, so if you live in this part of the world in Lancashire they will certainly need replacing within a very short space of time! These mesh banners are of a sturdier, thicker material, so as well as being strong they also don`t get folded around in the wind.

Promoting Your Business At An Outdoor Event

If you are promoting your business at an outdoor event the last thing you need is for the banners you are using to look in poor condition, as this reflects badly on your business and the message you are trying to get across will completely lose its effectiveness.

Here at Ronset we have many years of experience in the print trade and are more than happy to help with any questions you may have regarding the printing of these type of mesh banners. It will soon be the season for all the outdoor events so now is the time to get your banners and posters created and printed for the coming season.

If you want to talk to us about any printing matter then please give us a call at our offices on 01254 297100.