Eco Friendly PrintersAt Ronset Printers we have, and still are, taking a great deal of time in evaluating and improving our work systems to ensure that we cut the environmental impact of our printing business to a minimum. This is an ongoing process as new machinery is produced for the industry and new techniques are developed.

Eco-Friendly Printers

Some of the strategies we have put in place include new, more eco-friendly printers along with other equipment which is less harmful to the environment, new work practices, and we also use the local organisation SAMS at Blackburn to recycle some of our materials.

SAMS in Blackburn

SAMS stands for Scrap Art Material Store and they are a not-for-profit community enterprise who recycle clean, non-toxic surplus materials from local business, that would normally end up in a landfill site. SAMS collects these materials and sorts and display them in their premises – which is open to members, that include; schools, playgroups, community organisations, amateur dramatic groups, nurseries etc – the company, the community and the environment benefit. They do a fantastic job so if you do have a business in the Blackburn area and you want to recycle some of your materials you can contact them on 01254 291271. 

There is a growing concern over the devastating impact that plastic and other harmful materials, as well as emissions are having on our planet, so the quicker we can do something about this the more chance we have of pulling us all back from the brink. Businesses can all do their bit in reducing their carbon footprint and we are very mindful of minimising ours as quickly as possible.

Printing Materials

That is all for our blog post today, it just leaves us to say that if you do need any printing materials over the next few days and weeks please contact us here at Ronset in Blackburn on 01254 297100.