One of the major news items today is that the Government are announcing plans to phase out both petrol and diesel cars and vans by the year 2040 with the plan to be near to as emission free as possible on our streets and roads by 2050. This has to be the right way forward as the huge number of people who suffer health problems or die due to the terrible pollution in our towns and cities has to be reduced and hopefully eradicated completely.

Protecting Citizens & The Environment

Printing & The Environment

The world (whether US President Donald Trump likes it or not!) is increasingly taking notice that something has to be done to protect both the citizens of countries and the environment of our planet otherwise we will all be going to hell in a handcart.

Green Printing

Green Printing

Which brings us on to our particular industry, the printing industry. There is no doubt that the industry has become increasingly `green` over the last couple of decades. Digital printing has certainly helped in this respect as it uses much less paper than the old traditional flexographic printing process. The amount of paper waste has been reduced by 10% at least and in many cases a lot more by the introduction of digital printing.

Recycled Paper & Waste Reduction

Another way for printers to become more environmentally friendly is to use recycled paper. Paper as we all know comes from trees so the more we can recycle the less trees will have to be used up. You can also use paper from companies who produce their paper by sustainable methods so that whatever materials they use more are being produced such as the planting of trees etc.

The greener the printing process the more that everyone benefits. Reducing waste and using greener printing equipment is obviously good for the environment but it can also reduce printing costs which benefit both the printer and consumers, so everyone is a winner. Ronset will be striving to be as green a company as possible, we have already made great strides with our machinery and printing processes, and we are looking to further improve over the coming 12 months. Green printing is definitely the way forward for us all.