The Virtues Of Using Direct MailIf the name Chris Cardell is new to you let me give you a little bit of background detail on him. He is one of the most successful online marketers in the UK and advises over 300,000 businesses on a daily basis on how to market their business, he has been featured on TV and radio and made millions through his marketing platforms. So it`s fair to say he knows his onions when it comes to the subject of marketing.

The Virtues Of Using Direct Mail

He has recently wrote a book entitled “77 Ways To Get More Customers” and in this book he particularly extols the virtues of Direct Mail. Isn`t that funny? A guy who has made millions online still uses direct mail to bring in clients and urges other businesses to do the same. A light bulb should be flickering above your head right now if you are a business owner!!

Some People Want Something Physical To Hold & Look At

Here is an excerpt from the book on the use of Direct Mail:

“Going on for over 100 years now, direct mail has been an incredible way of getting customers into any business, but it`s not used by small businesses anything like as much as it should be.

“Everyone is excited about the internet, and Im generally well-known for the internet material I do. Im a raving fan of the internet as much as anybody else, but if direct mail is still an equally valid source of new business and new customers for you, why wouldn`t you use it?

“The challenge of getting somebody who does not know you and who has never spent money with you to give you money is a significant one. A lot of that can be done on the internet, but there is a big proportion of the population who still value and want something physical to look at, understand, and literally hold in their hands before they give you money.

“This applies more as your price point goes up. If you are selling for £4.95 it is much easier to do online. Once you get past £100 or £200 you are into a different ball game where the use of direct mail is very effective.

“If you look at what comes through your letterbox in your home or business life, you`ll see a lot of stuff. Direct mail is not cheap but people do it because it works.

“The beauty of direct mail is that it is so personal. How else can you get right in front of people having a direct conversation with them, saying whatever you need to say to them, in their kitchen or as they sit in the garden? Use direct mail.

“We are focusing here on getting new customers, but the nice thing is you can use this for your existing customers too. It has to be said that it`s easier to get your existing customers to spend money with you through any form of marketing, including direct mail. You definitely want to do it with existing customers, but I really hope you will try this out with new customers as well”

Posters, Flyers, Brochures Or Catalogues?

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Finally, as we used an excerpt from his book it would be remiss not to give you a link to Chris Cardell, you can check out his website at