Welcome to our blog here at Ronset Printers. Today we are going to look at the underlying importance of the printing industry as a whole to the UK and why it is of such great benefit to the country.

Did you know that the UK is the fifth largest producer of printing materials, we have always had such a strong printing industry, and there are over 8,500 print companies who have over 120,000 employees. The industry produces a £13.5 billion turnover, and in 2014 the print industry produced a £750 million positive trade balance. (Figures from the British Printing Industries Federation).

So as you can see by the figures above print plays a big part in keeping the wheels of industry turning in the UK and is one of the most successful industry sectors there is.

Printing Industry

Can you imagine life without print? How difficult it would be to communicate, find out information, and get your business message across, how much harder it would be to connect with people across the country and in fact across the globe. We often take for granted the role print plays as we are so used to having it in our lives, but take it away and we would miss it instantly.

Here are some important points about printing:

  • Print is a very effective medium to communicate with a large amount of people very quickly and efficiently.
  • Print, being such a visual medium, means it is a very persuasive and flexible medium and can be used in all sorts of creative ways.
  • Print is an attention grabber like no other medium which is why it is so closely linked to advertising and business. As well as for promoting and marketing business it is used widely for educational purposes, to pass on information and in the area of entertainment.
  • Printing is a highly competitive and fast moving business sector where technology is constantly evolving and improving, and therefore it is a very exciting medium to work with.
  • The printing industry as a whole is very conscious about the environment and for every tree logged to use for printing materials another 3 to 4 are planted, so that the business is ensuring it is sustainable and eco-friendly.

So print plays a huge role in our lives and the lives of most businesses across the UK. And of course if you wish to use any printed materials for your business or organisation then please check out what we at Ronset have to offer and contact us for a quote on 01254 297100.